Samsung Refrigerator Repair

Need Repair?

Samsung a few years ago decided to reinvent the refrigerator with their twin cooling french door models. They had plenty of problems including the drain tray freezing up and causing all kinds of havoc in the fan and evaporator coils. The design of these models in the early days had the defrost heating element woven into the evaporator coils and as an appliance technician I learned how to unweave that carefully so that the person wouldn’t have to pay for coils also involving a lot of extra labor. Nevertheless Samsung is a popular brand in TVs, phones and other electronics and now they are growing quickly to become one of the major big players in appliances. In my travels I have heard major complaints on the Samsung brand of appliances. I must admit though there have been many improvements since the early models. Nevertheless I would give them some more time to get it right before throwing down a pile of cash for a new Samsung refrigerator. Good news though if you did buy a Samsung refrigerator. We repair Samsung refrigerators and have done it extensively and can usually tell you what the problem is with a phone call. So pick up your phone now and give us a call and make an appointment today! Call Now! 304-377-6768


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